Welcome to 'The Belle'
Golden Ventures Management (GVM), LLC | 5241 East Raines Road | Memphis, Tennessee 38118
(901) 366-8166

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Q.  How much does it cost to rent The Belle Ballroom?
A.  Basic packages range from $600 to $1,600.

Q.  What time do all events have to conclude at The Belle?
A.  All events much end prior to 12 midnight.

Q.  Can I bring my personal caterer?
A.  Yes, as long as they are properly insured and licensed at the time of the event. An additional fee of $100 is charged       per event. An additional “kitchen & facility use fee” is charged per event to caterers.

Q.  What is the capacity of The Belle Ballroom and Texas Deck Banquet room?
A.  The Ballroom holds up to 300 guests and the Texas Deck can hold up to 75 guests.

Q.  Does The Belle provide floral arrangement and decorations?
A.  No, we leave the option of decorating to the host to provide all arrangements and decorations.

Q.   Does The Belle provide linen/tablecloths?
A.  Yes, The Belle charges a rental fee for linens/tablecloths (white only). One month notice is required for all rentals.

Q.  Does The Belle provide candles for the outside moat?
A.  No, that option is left to our guests.

Q.  Does The Belle Ballroom allow alcoholic beverages on the premises?
A.  Yes, once approved by GVM and for an additional corkage fee for all bar rentals.

Q.  How much is the deposit for The Belle rental?
A.   A $500 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is due on the completion of your contract signing.

Q.   When is my balance due?
A.   Balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event in the form of certified funds.

Q.  Will The Belle have a event manager available during my entire event?
A.  Yes, an event manager is available at every event for your specific needs.

Q.  What is included in a package?
A.  The room along with tables, chairs, free parking and an event manager. The ballroom is equipped with a podium,            dance floor and bar rental area. 
Q.  Do I need an appointment to tour The Belle?
A.  Yes, appointments are necessary and scheduled for your convenience. Please call to schedule your appointment.
                                             All prices and guidelines are subject to change.